We use the latest cutting-edge information technology to ensure that our vendors and clients have trouble-free access to the latest real time information. Services can also be ordered through the same system without having to pick up the phone. The data in this system is automatically backed up daily. 


System Integration (EDI) 
We are able to establish a direct link to your systems using an Electronic Data Interface or EDI generally refers to a standard protocol, in reality each interface tends to be unique, and we will work with your specific requirements. 

EDI also allows for the capture of additional details that might not otherwise be included in a POD. 


We focus on using the best IT products available in the market. We consistently review and deploy new capabilities for our customers as they became available. 

•    Lower your transportation costs
•    Improve your transportation efficiency
•    Minimize your risks of service failures
•    Improve your control over transportation budget
•    Eliminate billing discrepancies
•    Provide the best logistics available


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